Using Pot is an Addiction Perhaps?

I am a user of pot. I work in a local bar. This bar is not any different bar from others. They are all the same. I started working here several years ago. I was a college student and I was not aware of the pot and other drugs. But as soon as I took it firstly, I was not able to say anything. It just mesmerized me. I loved it so much and easily I became a target of pot. I was seriously addicted to it. I had to leave college for pot. It was the worst story of my life.

I loved it and addicted to it- that is not the end of the story! I took money from my parents for pots. But when I demanded more and more they kept me asking. But I lied to them and took money. I wanted to live with weed only. So I stopped going to college. I did not become a graduate. When my parents stopped sending me money I became helpless. They were living in another states and I went far for higher education. I was their only son and their entire dream was around me. I just destroyed all those dreams through pot. I became more addicted to pot when I came to know about vaporizers. But vaporizers are made for special pot taking. I loved the designs of different vaporizers. As my parents stopped my allowances and other cost bearing, I borrowed money from my friends who lived around me.

But as I did not do anything for living, I could not pay them. So as they all came to know about my addiction they stopped also. And they started to push me for their money. But I was not in the position then. So I started to grow pot to pay them. Meanwhile nobody gave me money to get addicted.

So I had to leave the bad habit. But when I grew the pot tree well, I almost forgot about addiction. So that is how I left addiction to pots. But as I was inexperienced to any kind of work, nobody wanted to keep me. But one day, while I was begging in the street, a person rescued me and took me to his bar. He worked at the bar. And then he arranged a job for me. Now I am a good casino player and a bar tender. Sometimes I will vape like VAPORIZERFRIEND. Sometimes I take cigarettes but i have left pot smoking completely. Now I am very happy for my work and I am very much thankful to the person who gave my life.